Monday, 31 October 2016

goodbye October...

My dear October, it's time for goodbye... from you I keep the best memories. You've passed rushed but sweet. Stays with us the best of what the month had, more family time. 

The certainty that I've always had and that warm my heart in the difficult times of life is that, when the worst passes by, because it really does pass, there's something even better waiting for us.
We can not give up, or think that this is our fate, or that is evil from devil, or simply we were not lucky.
Continuing is the best we should do. Going ahead, going over the thorns that cut on your way, going around the barriers and getting back to your path, finding solutions and never, ever, ignoring the problems, or feel that you have to live with them. Nothing has to be so, somehow we are responsibles for what we build, or  demolish, for what we win or lose. There's no pretending that we do not see the problem, or think that it solves itself.

Do not live without a well-defined goal and do not give it up ever.

There's been over two years of very hard work, and few hours for us as a family. But still, we've enjoyed the most every single hour together. 
October brought us peace. It brought tranquility to our sea and more free time to our lives, time that has come to stay.

All changes bring stress, anxiety and uncertainty, but also bring a lot of hope, hope to change for the better. When changes in consciousness, because you know what you want and you have well defined what you do not want, change is usually great.

Something had to change in our life and we changed. And as it was not as good as expected, we changed again. As often happens in a change, things got worse before actually improve and, when they are improving, we feel a sense of achievement, a feeling brought by this month which ends today, sweet and welcoming.

November is the prelude to Christmas, the season that warms my heart so much.
The conditions under which the month begins could not be better, this will be a happy month!

Welcome November!

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