Thursday, 3 November 2016

the beauty is in the curve [other imperfections]

Someone wrote 'smile is the most beautiful curve of a woman's body'.
Sounds like a cliche? - well, maybe it is but for me it became an expression of feminine self-esteem, empowerment and fight for the abolition of social stereotypes.
It's true that men also smile and also seduce us with their somewhat sexy smiles. But, the point about this sentence, spreaded on the internet in pictures or quotes, is that it provided a wider debate on the issue on  women's body diversity and how much society worships some over others. 

We all know that throughout the centuries female sensuality has been seen as devil’s weapon, a powerful weapon to overthrow male supremacies. The old tales where lust is the devil’s work in a woman’s shape have been widely released in the cinema, music, theatre performances, literature, paintings and so on, and even advertisement doesn’t get away by selling the famous irony that men rule the world, but always having their woman behind (go figures the metaphor).

Women are born and grow up within different types of physiognomy, such as men do, being some of them skinnier and taller, others shorter amd plus sized and some others in between but all of them women with the right to a society that doesn’t judge them by looks as if it was the only passport to their true identity. Nevertheless, it seems to subsist a social stereotype on how men prefer blonde ones, taller ones or ladies who get their fabricated bodies in the gyms or have plastic surgeries as quick as buying a new pair of shoes, at least is what cinema shows us or the commercials and the recurrent photos around social network with more followers.

And if in the last years we have witnessed a change in the male world by several emerging fashion  values. New cosmetics or non-sense definitions like metrosexual, lumbersexual and others, we still perpetuate the idea that women have to be perfect human beings, according to major patterns, and keep it all together as multitasking in life’s daily labor.
In the last times I have been understanding that society mustn’t have power to control humans but the other way around. And that beauty is to be seen in the details, not in the ‘package’ we grow in. Skin will wrinkle, muscles will get flaccid, strength will weaken, hair will get grey and thinner and eld will get to those lucky enough to live many years around.
For all of these reasons, I believe that smile is really the only curve to endure in a woman’s body, and in a man’s, why not?

 by Nádia Simão

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