Thursday, 10 November 2016

what is a personal blog after all?

This blog started out as a life blog. It came following two previews attemps. The name has changed, the design has changed and I, above all, I also have changed, I have changed a lot, so my writing has changed as well as the subjects I am addressing.

I say, it was and always will be a personal blog because, no matter how much I write, it always, or at least most of the time, relates to me, to my personal experience, my learning and to my very personal opinions.

Nowadays, there is a lot of talk about blogs and the type of blog you have, and you try to label everything from the reader of the blog to the subject he addresses or even his design, etc.

But, life changes, we change, and it is normal that our blog also changes. If a blog was created at the age of 16 and at that time we talked about teen outfits, makeup with glitter and erasers with funny shapes. When you enter in the adulthood, that makes no sense. When you get married and / or when you turn into a mother, this makes even less sense and so subjects change. This blog that I'm talking about, which used to be a blog for teenagers, full of tips and techniques for studying and maintaining a boyfriend, will now have a review of baby products and survival manuals for postpartum depression.

In this scenario I ask, how to label blog that is alive? A blog that grows with us?

There are more and more specific blogs, sometimes too specific in my opinion. A fashion blog for example bombs me with outfits, says good things about 30 lipsticks and 50 moisturizing creams. But such a blog is too reductive for me. I want more of a blog than just consumerism. Maybe I would like to find tips for my body type without having to read 20 articles with clothes for fit people with normal skin. But in the case of such speciffic blog, it would probably become a personal blog as it would reach an alleged "minority" that would probably rest on the blogger's having the same body and skin type as me.

When I created my first blog, all other blogs, apart from those associated with corporate websites, were personal blogs. Being a blogger was a will and not a business. What captivated reading a blog was the personal experience of each blogger and what we could learn from that. The plurality of subjects was what used to make a blog an interesting space and we, as readers, tried to find affinities with one blogger or another and daily we followed, commenting and waiting for a reply.

In my blog, in the present, I talk about being a mother, about maintaining a certain sanity and emotional coherence as a woman and a citizen of the world. I talk about dreams, about motivation and persistence in reaching them. I talk about children and their needs. About how to overcome the obstacles and not losing the oars. I talk about relationships, about living in a strange country when my heart is anchored to the sea of ​​the Portuguese coast. I talk about living in family and creating a home.  Here I talk about keeping the flame alive, the flame of life, of love. The flame of being, above all, a Woman.

If this blog has a target audience? There is a target. The audience which identify itself with the blog.

I attend countless groups of bloggers, mostly Americans - the Portuguese follow the mere purpose of self-promotion - In all of them I have learned a lot but in all I see this stereotype of what is written. First they say that we should write with the soul in the pen (keyboard) then they condition the writing to too specific subjects on penalty of never reaching the 1000 followers goal in the social networks... What is the blogosphera anyway? What did it become? Where will it go?

In my opinion, and responding directly to the question at the post title, a personal blog is based on real facts, is based on personal experiences. So, even talking more about traveling, outfits, animals, or maternity, a blogger who writes from his personal point of view has, above all, a personal blog.

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