Saturday, 8 October 2016

birthday girl?

Yes, is me. I couldn't be more pleased than to launch the english version of my blog today. The day I complete my 42nd falls.
"A vida não tem de ser perfeita" is the strange portuguese way of saying: "life doesn't have to be perfect". This is just a reminder to myself, as it is so difficult for me to live with my imperfections and failures. What I've learnt during this journey, of having this portuguese blog since 2013, is that nothing is really imperfect after all. It is just not exactly what I was expecting but, in the process, I always learn and that's what I have to keep to myself. So... I am getting old, that's a fact, and wiser, that's an expectation.

Anyway... welcome to my english self that rises from my portuguese self.

Have a lovely weekend! It's party time!


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