Thursday, 19 January 2017

bad love [other imperfections]

What leads an independent, adult, autonomous and free woman, to transform herself in an imprisoned being in the name of a supposed love?
What takes an independent and free man to perpetuate violent acts upon a woman in the name of a supposed love?

Every day we are confronted with news on women ravished, assaulted or even murdered by their husbands, lovers, boyfriends, in the name of an extreme love, of passional jealousy or any other strange reason that could never justify such hedious acts. Societies have been facilitating the use of violence, the diminution of woman towards the supremacy of man. The complaisance of the means of justice, the ordinarily of acts of evil and we have been letting evolution of human being to be ruled by money values, social and economic appearances, where everything is valid and nothing gets punished.

Are women also responsible of crimes committed against themselves? Being the mothers and educators of future chauvinist, egocentric and sociopath men? Are women far from their responsibilities in the growth of respectful, balanced and generous children, raised by patterns of individual freedom and companionship among couples?
Are men condemned to the stigma of a wild and animal behavior? Where sex rules and sentimental vulnerability is seen as “social leprosy”, where dominant posture seems to enfold them in manly, aggressive and dictatorial attitudes towards the so called feminine “weak sex”?
Or are we all responsible, some for omission and others for social and generational rooting?
Is the actual society the biggest responsible for the alienation of the right to love and be loved with no limits of affection or individual freedom incarceration, when exposes each person to an infinite number of violent, sanguinary, egocentric, warlike and xenophobic acts, class exclusion and extreme poverty?

All these questions run through my mind in a time when it gets more difficult each day to understand how can love be transformed into prison, hate, destructive jealousy, humiliation? What makes a man or a woman having pleasure in depleting their identical, their beloved ones, their life companion…? Why is it each day easier to whistle to the side, believing that certain problems only happen to others, to the weakest, the poorest or uncultured, the ones who suffer from some kind of psychosocial disturb?

Humanity have been living side by side with violence, with money and power affections, with the empowerment by ways of traffic and shady schemes. We have been educating ours through the concept that the strongest will survive, that any weapon used is justified, that respect and honor are obsolete concepts and that what we do inside walls doesn’t influence other people. Well, nothing is more wrong than to prize a society of selfishness, protected by unscrupulous laws, keeping antisocial and retrograde ideas, as we will be the victims of such precarious sustainability.

Does it make sense that love becomes a link of separation instead of being the highest force that allows the human being to evolve, keep it’s ancestry, to be a catalyzing force of energy and vital intelligence to our planet’s evolution? To me it doesn’t make sense, I can’t understand that human beings, similar amongst each other, are able to ostracize one another, fight with each other, compromise themselves to kill because they divert in opinions, in religion or faith, in gender... It doesn’t make sense to me that a man or a woman believe to be the owner of their partner's life, destroying them with words or actions, rapping physically or psychologically just because they feel superior in a shady hierarchy that society incentives to the delight of a greedy crowd for daily horrors of a reality show.

It’s imperative for me to keep believing that Love amongst people can’t never be sickly, abusive, cruel or hypnotic, as that is not Love, when it ends on a woman or man’s death!

by Nádia Prazeres

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