Friday, 13 January 2017

Diary of an [almost] healthy life ♥ smoothie recipe

This week passed especially quickly. The beginning was not the best with myself feeling poorly. I've been dedicated more to the [im]perfect store than to any other corner of my world. I haven't been much motivated for writing. Also, because of physical problems that have haunted me with uncertainties, it is often painful to be at the computer.

I try to understand life and what it wants from me. Test my willpower? Test my physical and emotional stamina? Every beginning of the year has been a real test of life. That must be why I have not been in such a hurry to finish the years as most people, quite the contrary, when it starts to treat me well is when it is ending.

I am fighting against the bad elements with the weapon I have: motivation to achieve my goals for 2017. Whoever said that changing the food style was easy,  it
is because one never did. Strangeness that it wasn't too difficult cutting some foods. I maintain a diverse diet, I continue to eat meat and fish, but in less quantity and with more fish options. I essentially introduced many more greens (in all ways and shapes), much more fruit, seeds, and nuts.

I am having a hard time finding the recipes that really satisfy me. Even those recipes that claim to be quick and easy to prepare seem to me far from ideal for a pace of life as intense as ours. I am gradually trying to know and understand ingredients and then trying to create and recreate new
really simple recipes that adapt to us and to our life. It has been time-consuming but an interesting and stimulating process too, there is so much to learn yet.

Today I am sharing one of the smoothies I have made that have helped me to go through the mornings without feeling hungry. A super simple and quick recipe to prepare. In this new kind of eating I decided to always have my blender handy and connected.


♥ 5 blueberries
♥ 3 strawberries
♥ 5 raspberries
♥ 1 Greek natural yogurt (200gr)
♥ vanilla essence - I used about a centimeter of pod
♥ 1 tablespoon maple syrup
♥ 1 teaspoon chia seeds

Put all the ingredients in the blender. Mix for about 1 minut at full speed. Pour into a glass and decorate (optional).

To decorate (optional): 2 pecans and 1 small strawberry cut in small pieces, and 3 whole blueberries.

Bom apetite! ♥ Enjoy!

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